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At Birchwood Wellness Group, we're more than just counselors – we're individuals drawn to healing based on our own unique experiences. We believe that change is not only possible but inevitable, and it takes courage to grow. Our commitment to personal and professional growth allows us to provide the best care to our clients.

Kari Fitzgerald, LCPC, ERYT, Clinical Director

I am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor with experience in IOP/PHP programs and private practice. I am an experienced registered yoga instructor,  a counselor educator and clinical lecturer for the master’s program in counseling at Northwestern University where I also obtained my master's degree. My counseling philosophy is that trust in the relationship between client and counselor is the cornerstone to successful treatment. It's important that I get to know, your history & needs as we begin the healing process.


With empathy and non-judgement, we will explore the “whys” that influence your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Whether you are an adolescent, emerging or aging adult who is struggling, we will partner together to find the best course of treatment on your terms. I use an integrative approach rooted in psychodynamic theory with a variety of interventions such as somatic experiencing, polyvagal exercises, CBT, DBT, ACT and I am CPT certified for trauma treatment.  I introduce mindfulness concepts early on to provide relief from even the most troubling symptoms. You shouldn't have to wait any longer to feel better.  I believe suffering is optional.  Let’s get you back in the driver’s seat of your life.

Birchwood Wellness Group Illinois Therapy Online Kari Fitzgerald

Amy Stump, MA, LPC

 As a nonbinary person, I am passionate about working with sexual, affectional, intersex, and gender expansive identities. I recently obtained a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Northwestern University. I seek to provide a safe, affirming environment to folx across the entire lifespan and strive to work collaboratively with my clients to discover what wellness looks like for them. As a therapist, I believe individuals are heavily impacted by their socio-political environment, which perpetuates isolation and disconnection both personally and systemic. As such, it is my role to empathically attend to clients with curiosity and utilize a strengths-based approach to foster healing.

As your therapist, I will meet you where you are at with curiosity and unconditional positive regard. You deserve to feel heard, held and understood.

Birchwood Wellness Group Illinois Therapy Online Amy Stump
Birchwood Wellness Group Illinois Therapy Online Ashley Lamm

Ashley Lamm, LCPC

I believe in creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for all my clients. With the utilization of humor and empathetic understanding, I want to make sure you can freely express your true self. I work with diverse populations ranging from adolescents to older adults. I specialize working with anxiety, panic, depression, bi-polar, trauma, stress, family therapy, life transitions, grief and

loss, fertility issues, and disabilities. I am here to support you wholeheartedly in an environment free of judgement.

I think trust is the most important aspect to therapy. It is essential you feel heard, respected, and supported throughout our journey together. I utilize an eclectic approach including, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, mindfulness techniques, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Dialectical Behavior Therapy to help you navigate life and its many stressors. You are not alone; I am here to help you unravel your thoughts. I look forward to working with you!

Colleen Pipia, LCPC

I have been a therapist for over a decade and have my Master's in Clinical and Counseling Psychology with a specialization in substance abuse. Throughout my career, I have worked with adolescents and adults in residential programs, outpatient programs, and private practice. I  specialize in and am passionate about working with adolescents and adults with co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders, anxiety and anxiety-related disorders, and eating disorders.


As a therapist, I take a direct and collaborative approach. I am authentic and provide open and honest feedback. I work with clients to identify what obstacles are getting in the way of their goals, help keep them connected to what is motivating them for change, and encourage them to make those changes despite fear or ambivalence. In my sessions, I often incorporate exposure and response prevention therapy (ERP).  I focus heavily on response prevention to encourage behavioral changes and create new experiences. I utilize acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) techniques to work on flexibility, mindfulness, and create a life consistent with our values. In my experience, I have found that there is often trauma co-occurring with other symptoms, and will use cognitive processing therapy (CPT) with clients who may have experienced a traumatic event. 


One of the things I appreciate most about being a therapist is being on this journey with my clients. I understand that an individual might want changes to occur, and recognize that fear can often get in the way of making those changes. 

Birchwood Wellness Group Illinois Therapy Online Colleen Pipia
Birchwood Wellness Group Illinois Therapy Online Lisa Joly

Lisa Joly - Practice Manager

I have over 20 years experience in the medical field working directly with patients and insurance companies. In 2018, I began working in mental health administration and have assisted in the development of Birchwood Wellness Group. I understand the complexities of the billing and insurance systems and how important it is for people to receive quality care. I am your first point of contact at BWG and will work with you to find the right clinician at an affordable cost. Getting started can be stressful but I am here to help make it easier for you

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