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Our diverse team of experienced counselors specializes in individual, couples, and group counseling. We're dedicated to fostering growth and well-being through a range of therapeutic approaches.


Life's challenges don't define you; your response does. At Birchwood Wellness Group, we address difficulties with honesty, compassion, and open communication. Together, we navigate tough times. 

Birchwood Wellness Group Illinois Therapy Online

Individual Counseling

From mood disorders like depression and anxiety to relationship issues, substance use disorders, and more, we offer specialized support for a wide range of challenges.

Birchwood Wellness Group Illinois Therapy Online

Couples Counseling

Strengthen your relationship through tailored therapy that addresses communication, connection, and growth.

Birchwood Wellness Group Illinois Therapy Online

Group Counseling

Join a supportive community where shared experiences can lead to healing and personal development.

Birchwood Wellness Group Illinois Therapy Online


Get experiential education on a variety of mental health topics for your teams or groups. From managing stress to living a more authentic life, our team will customize the perfect workshop experience for your needs. 


We proudly serve a diverse range of individuals:

Ages 14 and up

LGBTQ+ community

Neurodivergent individuals

First responders

Women experiencing fertility issues and life changes

Professionals in education and counseling

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